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What is Accessibility and What Does It Mean for Your School Website?

We live in a technology-driven world. Technology allows us to watch videos, get information from websites, and even fill out paperwork online. While many of us take these features for granted, doing things online can be a bit more tricky for those that have disabilities.

Boost Enrollment

6 Elements Prospective Parents Look for in School Websites

Parents of students that are currently enrolled in your school or district aren’t the only ones who access your school’s website for important information. Prospective parents, or those actively seeking schooling options for their child, also visit your website.

Community Engagement

Design Best Practices

What Do the Best High School Websites Have in Common?

For school owners, administrators, and faculty, putting up a website is a necessity in today’s high-tech world. Just like any other business, enterprise, or organization, a school needs to establish its strong and proper presence online.

What is a Responsive School Website?

More and more adults are using their mobile devices to access websites while on-the-go. So how do web designers make sure that websites appear correctly on a variety of different devices?

Easy Website Management

Easy Ways to Elevate your Edlio School Website

While relaxing in the sun this summer, we encourage you to think about new ideas that could elevate the website. Luckily, our team has a variety of suggestions that will help upgrade the look and feel of your already beautiful Edlio website. Check out these 6 tips!

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