3 ways your Edlio School Website CMS Travels with you this Holiday Season

The holiday season is officially here! However, important administrative school tasks may still need to be completed in the last few moments before break begins. This year you may be traveling or spending time with family, and we don’t think last-minute school responsibilities should interrupt the festivities. Edlio makes it easy to prepare for long holiday breaks with our responsive and easy-to-use school website CMS. Below are just 3 ways that your CMS can make it easier to enjoy every second of this special time of year.

Mobile responsive school website CMS

The end of the fall semester can be hectic, and there are probably many things to accomplish before you leave school for a few weeks. Because of this, we want to remind you that your Edlio school website CMS is accessible on any mobile device or tablet. Therefore, if you finally complete your last minute to-do list and are about to leave school only to remember one last important update you were supposed to share with parents, you can easily do so from the palm of your hand.

Google Calendar integration  

The holidays bring with them a variety of different responsibilities. Between holiday shopping and finishing out the end of the semester, it may feel as though you need to be two places at once. However, your Edlio school website CMS calendar can be integrated with your personal Google calendar to avoid having to update multiple calendars individually! This can help you be on top of your game so everything is accomplished by the time the last bell rings before holiday break.

Email sender template

As previously mentioned, sending last minute school updates before break can be a headache for school teachers and administrators. The last thing you want to do is spend extra hours after the school day before break to draft an email to share with parents reminding them of when school is back in session. With the Edlio email sender, you are provided with easy-to-use email templates that make it easier to send professional-looking emails quickly and easily!

There are numerous ways how an Edlio CMS supports you and your school on a daily basis, but these few tips may make the holidays a little simpler this year!