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We make communicating with parents simpler, offering the most comprehensive and easy-to-use communication package for school and district administrators, teachers and parents.

"Our district has been utilizing Edlio for over seven years now and the experience has been great. One of the highlights for us is the great response time from the technical support team, no matter if it's over the phone or via email, they always get back to us in a timely fashion"

- Ashton Potter, Director of Technology and Information Services, Alhambra Unified School District (CA)

"We sought to have a site that was visually appealing, integrated with our districts Google platform, and had an ease of use that even the most technologically novice could generate web content. It was then that we stumbled upon Edlio and all of our needs were met"

- Jill Vaandering, Communications Coordinator, Thornapple Kellogg Schools (MI)

"We have found Edlio to have a unique platform that is closest to the needs of schools and districts, while also providing an easy to use administrative access to update and create new site pages... I would recommend Edlio as a great option for schools or districts to use as a web host and content management system provider."

- Jane Kim, Alliance College-Ready Public Schools (CA)

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