The science of trust with Edlio.

How our tech helps schools build trust


Shine on first impression.

Your website is often the first place people go to learn about your school. It should reflect the culture and traditions of your school.

But a great website doesn't have to break the bank, so we offer three design options to meet any school's goals and budget.

Our Design Packages:


Premier School Websites
Our portrait package is for schools who want something unique. You'll work with our design team to create your design from the ground up.


Made for your School
With gallery, you select a single-use design that we modify with your branding and adjust to fit your needs. This allows you to get up and running faster. The best part is once you select a design, we take it off the gallery and it's yours!


As quick as a click
Sketch is our most affordable and convenient option. You pick a multi-use template you like, we match the colors and branding of your school, and your new website can be up and running in under two weeks.

Edlio's Platform

So much more than a CMS.

The secret to building trust is consistent, reliable communication. Edlio's industry leading CMS offers a wide range of features, while still being easy for your staff to use.

Check out all it can do:

Built-in Features
Accessibility Settings
Ensure your website is accessible to all by adding alt text, using automatic captioning and transcripts for videos, and enabling keyboard navigation.
SIS Integration
Integrate your SIS to send emails, newsletters, and Broadcast messages.
Form Builder With Payments
Add permission slips and registration forms to your website and use the Payments add-on to collect fees and donations.
Google Integrations
Connect your site to Google Classroom, sync your calendars, and allow visitors to translate your content with Google Translate.
Microsoft Office 365 Integrations
Upload files and pictures from OneDrive, connect your Office 365 Calendar, and easily log in with your existing credentials using SSO.
Social Media Manager
Link your social media accounts to your website to post updates immediately or schedule them for later.
Supply Lists
Share centralized supply lists on your website for families to quickly click to purchase items online.
Teacher and Class Page Subscriptions
Keep parents and students in the loop by allowing them to sign up for daily email summaries with upcoming homework and teacher posts.
Email and Newsletter Sender
Reach out to your community by sending unlimited emails and newsletters to your contact lists.
Full Broadcast Integration
Use this mass communication add-on to send out voice, text, and email alerts quickly and easily.

ADA Accessibility

We build everything with accessibility in mind.

Our team of digital accessibility experts will make sure that all visitors can engage with your content, no matter how they interact with your website.

Learn more about how we can help you reach Level AA conformance to WCAG 2.1:


Edlio Visual Web Accessibility
Edlio websites are designed to be easily readable with clear headings, distinguishable links, resizable text, and high contrast color combinations for visitors with reduced vision. For blind users, website controls and images are coded to allow screen readers and other assistive technology to easily navigate and dictate the visual elements of the site.


Edlio Motor Web Accessibility
Behind the scenes of your website is code that allows visitors with motor disabilities to navigate the website, skim through pages, and fill out forms by keyboard alone or through other assistive technology. Users can interact with content without time limits or unpredictable navigation.


Edlio Auditory Web Accessibility
Visitors to your website with auditory disabilities can still enjoy videos, as closed captions and transcript are automatically generated for videos uploaded to Edlio websites. The video player controls also allow for pausing and adjusting volume easily.


Edlio Cognitive Web Accessibility
We focus on building websites that are easy to use and enjoyable for all. Navigation is clear, visual effects are not distracting, and video and audio are easily controlled. Plus, built-in tools for creating pages, news items, and calendar entries allow webmasters to produce content that is well structured for all visitors.

Introducing Edlio Broadcast

Share instantly, everywhere.
Edlio Broadcast is our brand new alerts system that is fully integrated with Edlio's CMS. You can send text messages, voice calls, and emails in multiple languages with a click of a button.
More about Edlio Broadcast