We are pleased to announce that after 13 years of dedicated service to Edlio and our clients, Anni Bagdasarian has been promoted to the role of President.
Anni is a dedicated executive with vision, committed to providing excellent service to Edlio clients, driving innovation in our suite of school to home communication products and creating a company culture that values diversity and fosters high performance.
All of us at Edlio extend a heartfelt congratulations to Anni and look forward to our next steps together!
Here's what our team has to say about working with Anni:
"Anni is such an incredible leader because she is ALWAYS in the thick of it with the team. Even when she's supposed to be on vacation, you'll find her creeping on slack, never wanting to miss out on the hot topic of the day. She makes sure that she is always accessible if you need her, despite the fact that she is one of the highest level employees at Edlio. I know if I ever need her help with anything at all, I just have to reach out and she will make time for me. She's also not afraid to ask questions and admit when she doesn't know the answer immediately. This is a really special trait in a leader and I admire it so much in her."  -Callie Hass
"I love working with Anni because she inspires me to have confidence in myself." -Juan Alvarado
"Anni has a brilliant mind for business. She is adept at forecasting internal and external trends and is always prepared with contingency plans. She values all voices and ideas when it comes to decision making and always advocates for colleagues to give them opportunities to grow. She has helped create the very best corporate culture where people feel safe, valued and empowered. She embodies the concept that 'empowered women empower women.' And on a personal note, I couldn't ask for a better confidante, cheerleader, advocate and friend!" -Yvonne Miller
"If you ever want to talk, Anni will make time and listen." -Cristian Hernandez
"Anni is amazing! She is a great coworker but, above all, a great person and friend. Throughout the years at Edlio, Anni has created a culture that makes everyone feel like they are part of the family. I am extremely lucky to not only call her a colleague but also mi hermana." -Johan Cerrato
"Anni is kind and supportive - someone who will always be there when you need her. I'm so happy that i get to work with her every day!" -Nicole Yeghiazarians
"Anni is always there when you need her. She is so helpful and caring, not to mention she's a joy to be around. I appreciate her leadership and most importantly, her friendship." - Colleen Ghazery
"Working with Anni has been incredible and we’re all so lucky to have her on our team! She is not only a great leader but a great friend who looks out for all of us." -Fran Almanza
"Having worked shoulder to shoulder for 13 years, I am excited for Anni to have reached this amazing milestone. Anni has been instrumental in building one of the most cutting edge K-12 educational technology companies in North America. As president, she will lead Edlio in this growth story while we continue to innovate and disrupt how schools communicate with their communities." -Ali Arsan