Edlio Celebrates 10,000 Schools Milestone

Los Angeles, CA, April 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Los Angeles, CA, April 11, 2019, Edlio, LLC., a leading provider of community engagement solutions for K-12 public, private and charter schools, today announced that it now serves over 10,000 schools across North America. Since launching, Edlio’s feature-rich CMS solution brings education communities together by removing the barriers to communicate. By connecting education communities, Edlio can transform their lives, making them more engaged, productive, and safe.

"10,000 customers is an exciting milestone. From the start, our mission has been to create thriving K-12 educational communities, and reaching 10,000 customers is a huge step on that journey," said Ali Arsan, CEO of Edlio, LLC.

“This milestone allows us to reflect on the huge impact that we've been able to make for so many local education communities within North America,” stated Anni Baghdasarian, COO of Edlio, LLC. “We owe this milestone to our incredible team for treating every single one of our customers with extraordinary respect and care."

Continual communication innovation leads to continual solutions. As visionaries, Edlio looks at innovative ways to strengthen communications, transform platforms to accelerate information delivery, all within and beyond K-12 education community boundaries.