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Welcome to the Edlio Blog

Check out our blog for tips on getting the most out of your Edlio site, timely articles on issues, holidays, and events affecting schools, and helpful how-to articles for teachers and admins. 

Back to School

back to school with edlio

Back to school: Teacher Edition

Teachers, we've got everything you need to prepare you for the new school year. Tips for designing optimal learning spaces and the best way to communicate with parents.
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Back to school: Admin Edition

Administrators, we've got you covered on everything you need for getting ready for the new year. Check out the tips for boosting your school culture and building relationships with your staff and families.
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News and Promotions

The Edlio Student Entrepreneurship Challenge Featured Photo

The Edlio Student Entrepreneurship Challenge

Edlio is partnering with Big Picture Learning at their Big Bang Conference! We are hosting the Student Entrepreneurship Challenge for a student's chance to win an Edlio website!

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2017

Team Edlio celebrates Global Accessibility Awareness Day by taking an "accessibility challenge" that includes going mouseless or using a screen reader for an hour.
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General Tips

The Importance of UX/UI Featured Photo

The Importance of UX/UI

What is UX/UI and why is important? Ensure your school attracts the best students and staff with a beautiful and intuitive website.
Boost Your Educational Brand Featured Photo

Boost Your Educational Brand

Can you personify your school? Do you have a unique value proposition? Let's take your marketing efforts to the next level by strengthening your brand!
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Tips for Teachers

The Importance of a Well Constructed College Page Featured Photo

The Importance of a Well Constructed College Page

The college system today is getting harder to navigate by the minute. A good college counseling webpage consists of a variety of resources including different options, scholarships, and internships available to modern day high schoolers.
Spike as developer

Coding Tips for Kids

Do your students have a lot of free time over the summer? Check the blog for some tips, tricks, and resources to pass on to parents who want to get their kids started with coding!
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Tips for Admins

Social Media Marketing Tips Featured Photo

Social Media Marketing Tips

Read tips from our marketing intern, Jeffrey, about how to take advantage of social media to market your school. In his post, you'll learn about content management, marketing strategy, and more.
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