4 Key Features Every School District Website Needs

School districts are responsible for communicating with a variety of parents and students in their community. It can be difficult to create and maintain a central location for community, staff, families, and students to receive all of the information necessary for a successful school year! A simple and easy-to-use school district website can help overcome many of the communication struggles faced by school districts.

Common Communication Challenges for School Districts

ADA Compliance

In order to create an inclusive community in which students can learn, school districts need to be able to communicate effectively with all people. A school district website designed to make it easier to meet ADA guidelines can help. Edlio places ADA compliance in top priority. Edlio’s CMS has many features designed to help meet Section 508 guidelines and level AA conformance to WCAG 2.0, a regulation on website content accessibility. How? Edlio school district websites offer an optional mandatory alt text setting on all media uploaded to the CMS. The coding behind each website ensures that each site is displayed consistently across different browsers and platforms. Also, site navigation accessible by keyboard, closed captioning, and other color contrast tools are just some of the other accessibility tools included in an Edlio CMS.

Consolidated Communication

Sometimes it can feel as though countless different platforms are necessary for successful communication. Districts may be juggling multiple mail services, messaging platforms, scheduling apps, and more. With a school district website hosted by Edlio, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the Teacher Pages feature. Parents can find all the information about their student’s class in one place. Additionally, a parent can subscribe to a teacher’s page to receive daily updates right in their inbox!

Simple Editing Tools

Edlio makes it easy for teachers and admins to keep sites up-to-date with fresh content. We design our school district websites to be simple to use. We include innovative yet simple back-end designs that can make updating a website as simple as sending an email or posting to Facebook.

Easy Integration

We offer Google and Microsoft integration in order to incorporate your most heavily utilized platforms into your new CMS. Social media is also a popular branding tool for many schools in a district, so Edlio offers a way to integrate with Twitter and Facebook and to even display feeds from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook on the homepage of each site! Finally, for the school districts that cover areas with different language preferences, Edlio has designed a system that can incorporate Google Translate to make each page of a website consistent with the reader’s native language. McAllen ISD in Texas had this to say about our integration tools:
Edlio is a communication solution designed with the needs of school districts in mind. We understand the complications that coordinating multiple schools can bring, and we’re here to help with the communication piece so that school leaders can focus on what matters more - education.