Public Schools

Why do public schools
love Edlio?

At Edlio, we’ve been building websites for public schools and districts for over 20 years. We understand just how important digital spaces have become to the success of schools. That’s why we’re passionate about creating tech that helps schools like yours connect and build relationships with their community digitally.
Reinvent your school website

Ensure your school stands out from the crowd

Your website is your school’s digital hub. It’s where most people go first to learn about your school, access important resources, and connect with your teachers and staff.

With Edlio’s unique designs and feature-rich CMS, you can create a memorable website experience that your entire school community will love. Your staff will be able to easily showcase your school’s culture, connect with families, post announcements, and more!

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Go Beyond Just a Website

  • One-on-one Guidance every step of the way
    No two schools are alike in their traditions, mission, and culture. Edlio makes it easy to highlight what’s special about your school through features like photo shuffles, slideshows, and embedded videos. And since all of our websites are built with accessibility in mind, you can be confident that all visitors can get to know your story.
  • Built for everyone, teachers included!
    You don’t need to be a technology whiz to create engaging, interactive webpages. From news articles to forms, our CMS offers a wide range of powerful features, while still being easy for your staff to use. Teachers can even set up their own dedicated pages!
  • Engage Everyone in Your Community
    Building relationships and improving school-home communication is about communicating in an accessible, reliable way. With Edlio CMS, you can keep everyone in the loop with our built-in features like homepage spotlights, email sender, and social media manager. Or send out voice, text, and email alerts with our Broadcast add-on.
“Edlio makes it extremely easy to have a great looking web-presence and provides a centralized platform to communicate with our students, parents, and community.”
Connellsville Area School District
Kevin Ghost
Director of Technology
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