Edlio Access

Edlio Access

Connect, inform, and engage your families—all in one app!

Your brand, your school’s story, connected all in one place

Not all families can receive text messages, not all families are on social media, and not all families even check the website for important updates. To truly reach our entire school community, we need to give them options for finding information, with consistent messaging no matter where they find it.

Edlio Access completes your digital communication solution by connecting with families who may not otherwise be able to receive alerts. As an added bonus, the app features your unique branding, so it will ignite school spirit in your community!

Mobile app with your school logo, and home menu including: news (pushed from Edlio CMS), events, directory, about us, quick links, athletics, supply lists, map, and language (up to 40 options)

What does your school want from an app?

Edlio Access has a solution for every school and district. Which one is the best fit for you?
  • Edlio Access
    My school needs help with unified communication ...
    • We need to easily notify parents through a single, reliable channel.
    • We are in a mass communication contract and need an app to push website notifications and calendar alerts.
    • We need to notify families of events, alerts, and other school happenings.
    • This will be the first app for our school community.
  • Edlio Access+
    My school needs help with family engagement ...
    • Our families are ready for an all-inclusive app & communication tool.
    • We need a solution for teachers and admins, with permissions, oversight, and archived transparency.
    • We want this app to be used for notifications and secure two-way conversations between teachers & families.
    • We are actively working to improve family engagement.

Enjoy the following features on all versions of your Edlio Access app:

  • Unique Branding
    Edlio creates your app using your school’s unique branding. Parents search the school’s name in the app store and download it for free. Now, there’s a pocket-sized hub to share your school’s spirit that’s branded with your logo, colors, and more!
  • Translated and Curated
    Translate app content to over 40 different languages to reach your whole community. News, quick links, and calendars are available with one tap to instantly increase student and family engagement!
  • Integrated with Edlio’s CMS
    Continue with your easy-to-update, fully integrated CMS platform, with the same service and support you’ve come to expect from Edlio. Includes unlimited push notifications to ensure your message is received.
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