Edlio Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy

The Edlio Leadership Academy (ELA) began in 2020 as part of our career development strategy to identify emerging leaders and provide employees with opportunities to enhance their professional knowledge and practice new skills.

What is ELA?

The ELA program is a resume builder that may give graduates an edge when it comes to promotions or other leadership opportunities. Graduates are qualified to lead or mentor the following ELA cohort. The core of the program is a workshop series accompanied by independent study and a personal mentor relationship.

2020-2021 Inaugural Cohort Graduates

  • Cathy McDonald
  • Ivana Rojas
  • Lauren Goldberg
  • Liliana Alvarado
  • Liliana Perez
  • Nicole Yeghiazarians
  • Sara Cannon
  • Sevana Moses
  • Celina Munoz
  • Fran Almanza
  • Callie Hass
  • Colleen Ghazery
  • Hovo Apayan
  • Kathy Bateman
  • Kristine Sipe
  • Sean Brewer
  • Kenny Ugwa
  • Meheir Jahezian
  • Zack Baker
  • Misty Rosenburg
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