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Welcome eChalk to the Edlio family.

In early 2021, Edlio acquired eChalk to bring you more accessibility tools, more technical help for all of your users, and more personalized local support. With two companies who equally prioritize ADA accessibility and customer satisfaction, Edlio and eChalk have always been a fit. Together, we will continue to bring our customers easy to update technology that’s ADA accessible to help schools and communities thrive. We are excited to have eChalk on the Edlio team!

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Our help center is always a click away, and the support is unlimited.
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    Accessibility is our priority
    Our commitment is to remain accessibility focused and to help create equity in your school. Guide will continue to help keep you on track through the day to day when you’re updating your website. You will now have access to Edlio’s dedicated accessibility team for online or phone support.
  • We're all about support
    Because eChalk clients now fall under the Edlio umbrella, they are able to take advantage of Edlio’s unlimited technical support and our personalized Client Success team for all users. You will still receive eChalk product support to update your website, work with Guide, and continue to Notify your parents and school community.
  • Location, location, location
    Edlio is committed to serving eChalk clients thoroughly and in their timezone. Edlio and eChalk both value client relationships, and we are excited to start building ours with you! Besides local support, we host webinars on accessibility, and other useful topics to your users. We look forward to seeing you there!
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