Creating great CMS teacher websites

August 2017

Does your school website have a space for CMS teacher websites? We’ve got some tips to make yours a great one!

Tips to Create the Best CMS Teacher Websites

1. Upload a picture to your page with a school friendly photo.

Add a short (or long!) bio about yourself and share some interesting facts, anything fun you did over the summer or what you like to do on your spare time. Share what you love most about teaching, what you’re looking forward to for the new school year, and a little something about where you grew up.

2. Input the classes you’re teaching, and if you use Google Classroom, don’t forget to sync it to your page!

And remember, anything you update on Google will be updated on the Edlio CMS teacher websites. Share with your page viewers what students and parents can expect for the coming year or even include your syllabus PDFs for easy access for parents and students.

3. Throughout the year, look out for opportunities to take pictures and videos of your students and post them to your page!

If your class will be taking multiple field trips throughout the year, it’s a fun idea to create a photo shuffle of each trip for parents to see and even have a photo shuffle for the end of the year with photos from all the fun activities. Most importantly, keep your page updated with what parents and students will want to see, whether you think it’s fun articles, pictures or classroom updates.

4. Use your page to post the dates for upcoming tests and quizzes in the calendar section, and post homework and extra credit assignments.

Include your office hours, telephone number and email address for parents and students to contact you. (But don’t forget to post what time you’ll stop accepting those phone calls!)

5. Continuously update your page for maximum engagement with students and families.

While it’s important to set up your CMS teacher websites at the beginning of the year, it’s just as important to keep it updated during the year with new information, like test dates, pictures of class projects and anything else parents and students will want to see. A little each week goes a long way that parents will really appreciate when school gets busy and they’re looking to get a simple and easy-to-read summary.


Here's an example of a CMS teacher websites we love!