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Why do charter schools
love Edlio?

At Edlio, we understand just how important a charter school’s digital presence is to building trust with families and the larger community. That’s why we help thousands of charter schools like yours shine on first impression and connect with their audiences in an engaging way.
Elevate your online presence

Showcase your school’s unique story.

Just like no two students learn the same way, every charter school differs in its culture, methodology, curriculum, and mission.

With Edlio, you can truly capture your school’s personality and easily share your story through our unique designs and feature-rich CMS. Whether you prefer something playful, traditional, or modern, we will work with you to find the right look and provide you with the tools to make your website truly yours.

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Features Made for You

  • Spotlight your community
    The heart of any school is its community. Your students, teachers, parents, staff, and alumni are a big part of what makes your school special. With an Edlio website, you can celebrate your school community and bring your website to life through embedded videos, photo shuffles, interactive slideshows, and more!
  • Reach your audiences
    Reliable, consistent communication is key to building trust with your stakeholders. Our CMS allows you to reach different members of your community in just a few clicks through website alerts, homepage widgets, email, and social media. You can even send text and voice messages in multiple languages with our Broadcast add-on.
  • Allow teachers to shine
    Teachers play a key role in home-school relationships and communication, making them the perfect ambassadors for your school. Edlio’s CMS gives every teacher the ability to create personal pages that help keep current students and parents in the loop, and allow new and prospective families to get to know your staff and school.
“Edlio allows us to work smarter, instead of harder, and we at New Orleans College wholeheartedly recommend them to other schools looking to boost parent engagement, reach prospective families, and streamline communications!”
Troave Profice
Director of Communications & Recruitment
New Orleans College Prep
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