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How Edlio serves Canada

Two teams have come together! Edlio, and formally Scholantis, are now joined. Your hosting, products, and client service will remain the same. Edlio is proud to serve the Canadian education community and remains committed to delivering excellent customer service, local hosting, and an easy to update CMS. We are proud to represent schools from every province!

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  • CMS, Sharepoint, O365, for Canada
    We offer our easy to update and feature-rich CMS with Microsoft and Google integrations, for OneDrive, Google Drive, and single sign-on through outlook and Gmail for all users. Edlio also supports Sharepoint, your local school server. Cloud hosting options are also available. We integrate with O365 for your school groups.
  • We are in the neighborhood
    Sharepoint is hosted locally on your district’s own servers. In addition, we offer cloud-based hosting for the CMS through Azure. Edlio is committed to keeping business local, therefore the Azure cloud servers are based in Canada. Our servers for your CMS are all local in Canada.
  • There's always support
    Edlio and Scholantis share a common goal of providing excellent customer service. There’s 1:1 support with your dedicated Client Success Specialist. You are able to email them directly or schedule a zoom to meet virtually. Our tech support is also available, and unlimited, to help with any updates, or training concerning your CMS, Sharepoint, and O365.
“I have been most impressed with the support offered by Scholantis. Our questions or requests are always answered promptly.”
Veronica Baker
Head of Marketing
Saskatoon Public School District
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Currently, OSP and Broadcast not available in Canada