Share across communication channels in multiple languages from a single easy to use tool.

Communication isn't about technology, it's about people

Edlio Broadcast makes it simple to send messages across multiple platforms so you can focus on reaching the hearts and minds of your audience. Building trust requires clear consistent communication and with Edlio Broadcast, this is easier than ever.

All from your Edlio CMS platform!

One Click to Rule Them All

School leaders spend hours copying messages for each communication channel. With Edlio Broadcast, you can write a message once and send it across email, text messages, and voice calls.

Speak their language

Schools serving diverse communities need to communicate in multiple languages. With Edlio Broadcast, you can do just that with a flip of a switch. Simply write the message once in English and instantly translate it into over 100 languages.

New! Automate Your Daily Notifications

Automate messages that are personalized to specific families. With auto notices schools can streamline alerting families about tardies, absences, low lunch balances, and more. What will you do with the time you save?

Speed and reliability when you need it most

These days, a rumor on social media can snowball into a major problem in the blink of an eye. School leaders need to push out accurate information to all community members regardless of how they receive information. Edlio Broadcast lets you worry less about technology to get ahead of a crisis.

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