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5 Ways the Best Primary School Websites Stand Out

July 11, 2019
By Caroline Bradkin
During primary school, students learn the fundamental curriculum they will apply to their later education. It's also when a student's biggest worry surrounds what’s for lunch. Much of students’ development occurs within their years at primary school, where they experience their earliest forms of important aspects of life, such as problem solving. Even with the simplicity of primary school, there are many factors that can cause certain schools to stand out among others, including but not limited to the following.

1. Provide Weekly Updates Consistently

Keeping all members of the school community up to date with current events and information is very important, and posting weekly updates on the primary school site is a great way of doing so. This can be seen by various members of the community and is the easiest form of communication to a large group of people. 

In addition to posting these updates to the school website, weekly assemblies and emails are key. Weekly emails for parents are a more direct way for them to receive this information that greatly pertains to them. Edlio’s newsletter feature will schedule and send out weekly emails! To learn more about the Email sender, click here

As for students, daily announcements or weekly assemblies will be very beneficial in educating them about their school. From my experience, assemblies were held weekly and greatly helped students be informed as to what was occurring and important information about the school.

2. Information Regarding School Programs Offered

Most schools offer multiple programs, from after school to a variety of camps over break. These should be listed on the primary school website with important details people may want to know about them. Often times, there are different sessions or activities depending on which the student wants to do, so making sure this differentiation is explained is vital. From this, students can sign up for the program that is appealing to them and experience the most enjoyable time possible. 

Growing up, I always had to stay after school and go to various camps throughout school breaks because both of my parents worked. I liked that my parents could tell me the activities I could choose from beforehand so I could be signed up for the ones I would enjoy most. Because of this, I was able to learn and explore my passions. I took dance, singing, and theater classes after school, and I participated in theater camp at my school during the summer. By simply listing all the options and activities on the school website, students can find their passions as well as appreciate their time within these programs.

3. Recognizing Student Achievement

A great way to further motivate students for outstanding achievements is by showing recognition to accomplishments. This can entail a variety of categories, some of which include academic and athletic achievements. For example, if a student’s artwork wins a competition, post about it on the website, include it in the weekly email, and mention it during the assembly. This success should be rewarded for all classmates and community members to hear. 

A system that could reap many benefits to both parties is recognizing those who can pick up 5 or more pieces of trash at lunch. This encourages keeping the school clean and being environmentally conscious, something that is super important in modern times. The program could even be taken a step further and recognize those who find 5 or more recyclable items! 

I remember my elementary school having a system of recognition called “Student of the Week.” Different students would be recognized weekly for their overall performance. The system was set up so every student got recognized once throughout the school year. As a primary school student, this recognition was very rewarding. It motivated my classmates and I to continue putting in a lot of effort and striving for success. 

4. The Best Primary School Websites Engage in Social Media

In this era, social media use is prevalent throughout the majority of age groups. Because of this, the best primary school websites will have their social media accounts linked to view on their website. This will allow for a wide spectrum of community members to visit their social media accounts and see more in depth what occurs at the school. Having active social media platforms increases the accessibility of information regarding the school because these platforms are very frequently visited. 

If primary schools were to create social media accounts for parents to follow, they can post important content for them to see. This can include scheduling, notifying of days off, and even pictures of students during school or programs. This can be extremely helpful, as, for example, parents may forget to check something but be reminded through scrolling upon a social media post by the school. Schools should maintain active social media platforms to inform parents of information and events that may concern them.

5. The Best Primary School Websites are Active Over Summer

Just because the school term is over, does not mean parents want to be out of the loop with all information regarding their child’s school. Because of this, it is super critical for primary schools to continuously update and stay active throughout the summer on their website and social media platforms. 

Keeping the schedule for the upcoming school year updated on the primary school website is very important. Parents and community members will likely need to plan upcoming trips and dates. Having the calendar accurate and available before the school year starts is helpful for parents that like to get ahead, as well as students who want to be aware of what their schedule is. 

Because it is summer, there will obviously be a lack of content due to school being out of session. However, many schools have summer camps, and posting pictures from these on various social media platforms shows parents the activities the school is holding for students during break. This also includes winter and spring break activities that parents may be interested in seeing. As well as parents, students may also want to see what programs and activities their school is offering throughout their break. By posting pictures from summer camps, for example, or writing about what each camp entails, parents and students can become more informed and encouraged to participate. 

About Caroline

My name is Caroline Bradkin, and I am a seventeen year-old high school senior at Palisades Charter High School. I am the Director of Communications for Palisades DECA, a program that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in various aspects of business. I am also the founder of the Board Games Club, a club dedicated to limiting technology use and teaching younger kids how to play games. I also cheer for my high school varsity cheer team and have been since my sophomore year. When I am not at school, I enjoy volunteering at NKLA, a no-kill animal shelter in Los Angeles. I am joining Edlio this summer through The Intern Project (TIP) as a marketing intern. After high school, I plan on pursuing a career in marketing or communications.