Athletic Calendar Updates on Websites for Schools

July 11, 2019
By Caroline Bradkin

Throughout their many years of schooling, students are continuously encouraged to be very involved within their school and communities. Even so, there is often a lack of many resources to enable students to do so. Student involvement is becoming more important than ever, as in current times, competitive test scores and a high grade-point average (GPA) are not sufficient enough to be granted admission into top schools. Many students become involved by participating in school athletics, and some students even are recruited to play their sport at college on scholarship. Athletics can be a very simple and beneficial way for students to be more involved. 

One of the greatest resources that can collectively group all student involvement opportunities is the school calendar. There are various types of calendars present throughout websites for schools that include events boosting student involvement, a large portion of which fall under athletic categories. Athletic events, whether you are an athlete or attendee, are huge indicators of student involvement. Not only are students participating by playing the sport, but the additional students, parents, and community members attending the event greatly show involvement the school community as a whole. It is crucial to continuously update and organize the calendar, and Edlio even offers a feature that allows a calendar to be created solely for specific sections, such as athletics.By keeping an updated athletic calendar on websites for schools, many benefits can occur as a result. Here are some of the updates and information athletic calendars should contain. 

Information Related to Tryouts Should Be on Websites for Schools

Tryouts are essential, as they provide a student with an idea of what their athletic season will entail. In addition, they also show the coach what they are working with, such as the strengths and weaknesses of their athletes. Because of this, tryouts are high in importance. Tryouts are the most important process into being selected for a school’s athletic team, and it is almost always required that students interested must attend. 

Tryouts vary in length and date, depending on the sport and season, and because of this, it is very important for the calendar of the website for the school to reflect this. The calendar should include specific information pertaining to each individual sport tryout, and have a clear division between possible overlapping dates and times. Tryouts can be missed by students if the calendar lacks this information, impacting both them and the school. 

My freshman year of high school, I was unable to cheer due to missing tryouts. I had come from a different middle school than most students, and because of this lacked many connections and resources. The only information I had been given was the email of the cheer coach, and at that point it was way too late into the season to tryout. I did not think to check the calendar on the school site, and had I done so I probably would have found the dates in time to be able to tryout. Luckily, I was able to tryout for my sophomore season and was fortunate to be placed on the varsity squad. Through cheer, I have become much more involved among campus and also created amazing relationships that I see lasting my entire life. Having tryout information on the athletic calendars on websites for schools greatly allows students to be involved within their sport of interest.

Athletic Events

A large crowd present at athletic events further shows student involvement and spirit among the school, and by posting these events on the calendar among the site, more people can be aware of the dates of them and attend. Keeping the calendar up to date with the upcoming athletic events will be most beneficial and maximize attendance, and by going the extra mile and having this calendar color coded by sport, people can more clearly decipher overlapping dates and times. Bright colors and enhancements will also catch eyes and encourage more people to attend these events. Sporting events often show school spirit and involvement among the local community, which promotes a great message to people who are possibly interested in attending the school. 

Ultimately, athletics are a significantly large portion of student life, and the calendar on websites for schools should reflect this. Through school sports, students are exposed to forms of discipline and teamwork that they otherwise would not have learned. Additionally, athletics can be a stepping stone for students to college who otherwise would not have been able to attend without a scholarship. The relationships built through sports are unmatched, and can last great lengths of time. School athletics have the potential to drastically change the lives of students, which is why it is extremely important to keep athletic calendars up to date and prevent missed opportunities. 

About Caroline

My name is Caroline Bradkin, and I am a seventeen year-old high school senior at Palisades Charter High School. I am the Director of Communications for Palisades DECA, a program that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in various aspects of business. I am also the founder of the Board Games Club, a club dedicated to limiting technology use and teaching younger kids how to play games. I also cheer for my high school varsity cheer team and have been since my sophomore year. When I am not at school, I enjoy volunteering at NKLA, a no-kill animal shelter in Los Angeles. I am joining Edlio this summer through The Intern Project (TIP) as a marketing intern. After high school, I plan on pursuing a career in marketing or communications.