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How to Make Your School Website Accessible

The first step to creating equity in our schools is giving everyone the same level of access to the information. When your school’s website is ADA accessible it creates equity across your school community, and because more people have access to the information, your engagement goes up! Being in compliance with your state’s DOE is just an added bonus.

How to market your school

In this 30 minute live webinar, you will have met with Edlio's Senior Brand Specialist on how to market your school more effectively.

Digital Delegation

What if you could delegate your school communication workload not to a fellow colleague, but to your CMS? Learn about these time-saving communication tips, and move on to more face to face time with the kids! Work smarter, not harder, by delegating and automating tasks with your CMS!

Inform, Reform, and Transform…all in one feature

This is a lot of promise from one feature, but with Spring fundraisers, graduation, etc., there’s always a need to collect information, and collect money. The Edlio forms feature is included in our CMS package and is unlimited. There’s even a contest happening where existing Edlio clients can win money using it!

Website Accessibility 101

If your state hasn’t already mandated website accessibility, it’s probably coming soon. The following 15-min webinar discusses website accessibility. We discuss the importance of website accessibility, as well as what tools you can use to help your website become more ADA accessible.

Communicating change in your district

From our leaders to yours, Rodrigo, Jon, and John shared their success stories and tips on introducing change in an ever-changing post-COVID landscape. This webinar is for school leaders who want to make modernizing technological changes in their schools, and how to effectively communicate (and get buy-in on) yet another change to their staff.

How to Interview a Website Company

For most schools January begins the six month countdown to contracts ending as the fiscal year will begin again in July. If your CMS contract is up, the committees are forming to interview a website company. Come hear about five things to ask in your interview process that don’t concern price and appearance.

Admissions + Your Website

This 15-minute webinar will show you how easy it is to use Edlio for all your admissions needs. We will show you how to create an admissions form and communicate it out with your families which will allow you to streamline your Admission process.

Google + Your Website: How Integrations Save Time and Headaches

Google’s suite of tools are simple to use and essential for co-working and sharing files online. What if your website could be just as easy to manage and connect to your Google tools? We’ll show you how Edlio’s CMS simplifies your job with robust integrations with Google Classroom, Calendar, Drive, Analytics, and Translate.
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