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How to Interview a Website Company

For most schools January begins the six month countdown to contracts ending as the fiscal year will begin again in July. If your CMS contract is up, the committees are forming to interview a website company. Come hear about five things to ask in your interview process that don’t concern price and appearance.

Google + Your Website: How Integrations Save Time and Headaches

Google’s suite of tools are simple to use and essential for co-working and sharing files online. What if your website could be just as easy to manage and connect to your Google tools? We’ll show you how Edlio’s CMS simplifies your job with robust integrations with Google Classroom, Calendar, Drive, Analytics, and Translate.

Admissions + Your Website

This 15-minute webinar will show you how easy it is to use Edlio for all your admissions needs. We will show you how to create an admissions form and communicate it out with your families which will allow you to streamline your Admission process.

Preferred Parent Communication Strategies

How can schools optimize their parent outreach strategy and save time all at once? Join our 15-minute webinar to hear how families prefer receiving information and how you can send messages to your whole community in minutes.

Website Accessibility Challenge

Can you spot the accessibility issues? We’ve put together a short quiz to test your knowledge of common accessibility areas. This 15-minute session also features key takeaways for improving your own website.

Website Accessibility Live Reviews

How do we make websites accessible? In this 15-minute session, we’ll take a look at 3 websites together to spot areas where accessibility can be improved for visitors who have limited vision, are hard of hearing, or use assistive technology.

Website Accessibility 101

What is website accessibility? We’ve compiled the most need-to-know aspects into this 15 minute session. You’ll sign off with a better appreciation of why we have accessibility guidelines and how important they are to a more inclusive online experience.

Create a User-Friendly Website for Families

Please join us for a 15-minute webinar to learn about simplifying and streamlining your website! During this webinar we will focus on making news and events easy to access on your homepage, using online forms for back to school events, and setting up online stores to collect fees and sell items on your site.
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