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Edlio Blog » General Tips » Leveraging LinkedIn for your school

Leveraging LinkedIn for your school

May 11th, 2017

Whether you’re an administrator or teacher, creating a LinkedIn account can be the perfect way to professionally network, reconnect with old friends or faculty members, and read up on new ways to revamp your school culture, teaching style and so much more.

  1. Join LinkedIn Groups to meet thousands of other administrators and teachers in a place to connect, ask questions and engage in conversation while gaining knowledge on different topics.
    • Groups are great places to get ideas on how other schools are sharing information, engaging parents and students, and showcasing their unique approach to the world of education.
    • You can even create your own groups, like an alumni page for ex-students!
  2. LinkedIn Pulse Discover delivers news related to your professional interests that you can read and use as a springboard for thoughtful classroom discussions.
  3. Just like your school site can be a first impression for potential parents and students, keeping your professional resume updated can be helpful for potential faculty wanting to join your school staff.
    • You can also upload job postings where applicants can apply directly with their LinkedIn profile.
  4. Connecting with universities is a great resource for getting more information from colleges your high school seniors are looking to attend and stay updated with their admissions department.
Here are some groups to get you started: