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What Good School Websites Entail

July 26, 2017

Being a high school student today can be difficult if you are not familiar with all of the constant advancements in today’s technology. Even if you are aware of these ongoing changes, you must spend time and energy learning how they work to maximize their use. Having easy to use, efficient websites help to navigate the school system, making it easier to learn about news, talk to teachers, and even turn in assignments. Having the ability to access everything online is game-changing. You can access basic information, such as your school calendar and important dates, news and alerts for upcoming events, and class pages that are personalized for each teacher. You can also buy items from your school store, fill out forms, make donations, access videos and photos from school events, and view social media pages to promote the school.

As a student, I want access to a functioning, efficient school website. Here's how you can make that happen.

Keeping it organized

First of all, the site must be easy to navigate. This is a necessity for anyone who struggles with technology. Most likely there will be some parents and/or students who need basic steps in order to use a computer, tablet, or phone. Good school websites should be simple, easy to understand, and user-friendly. My school website is too busy, consisting of a variety of different text styles with a busy layout. The second you start to struggle with finding basic information, your site is doomed. Regardless of the age group in which you are targeting, the most basic need of a good website is functionality and simplicity.

Gaining easy access

The next important step to a well-run website is easy access to assignments and teachers. Being able to have quick and accurate communication is essential. This leads to more clarification and better assignments being turned in. For example, if you are ever out of school for a day or did not catch the homework, it is right there at your fingertips. This has happened to me. Whether it’s because I wrote down the wrong page number or forgot to write it down altogether, I ended up not having the proper assignment. Instead of not doing my work, I was able to go online and see what my teacher assigned.

Communication aspects of good school websites

In addition to all of the other benefits of having an organized school website, it allows parents and students to have easy access to forms, the school store, and even offers opportunities to make donations. If a parent or student has a question about their grade or an assignment, they can simply log onto the website, go to the teacher page from whom they wish to reach out, and write an email to the teacher. Something as simple as that one-on-one connection with your teacher can make or break your work ethics and grades in school. When a teacher sees you reaching out for help, they are more likely to help you succeed than if you did not put in any effort at all. Having an easy way to reach them for this help is what can be a determining factor in the success of your school career.

When you’re on-the-go

For me personally, I believe that one of the most important aspects of good school websites is having an accurate calendar and being able to access it on a mobile device. Whether your school has an app or you must go to your browser to view their website, having access to quick information on the go is priceless. This goes hand-in-hand with having an accurate school calendar. Knowing in a matter of minutes whether there is a sporting event or a minimum day at school is amazing. It makes things easier and allows me to prepare for the week ahead.

Keeping it simple

A problem in this system is that you have teachers who do not update their web pages with accurate information. This is an ongoing issue that will probably never come to a complete stop, but the easier you make it for teachers and administration to edit the website, the better. With all of the other work they have to do, it is important to make getting information out to their students simple. With a great website that is easy to use, students will prosper along with their school careers.

Overall, there is a noticeable difference in how a school is run when they have a great website that acts as a student, parent, and teacher resource. Having these amazing abilities at your fingertips is outstanding and can really affect the outcome of your schooling. School websites must be easier to use because the more cluttered they are, the less effective they are. If you can find a way to make information easy to access and still remains efficient, you are setting yourself up for success.  


My name is Payton DiNardo. I am seventeen years old and a high school senior in Granada Hills, CA.  I am an active member in Leadership, Choir, and Yearbook. Last semester, I learned about an amazing internship opportunity from a teacher at my school.  I took a chance and applied, and I was fortunate to be selected where I joined the team at Edlio as an intern. I have already grown so much working here and know that as time continues to go by I will learn more skills to help me obtain my future goals. After high school, I plan on attending NYU and working on music production. I have always been interested in music, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.