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Quick Guide: Back-to-School Tips for the Best School Websites

August 20, 2018

Without a doubt, there is an abundance of tasks to accomplish before the first day of school whether you are an administrator or a teacher. The last thing you probably want to worry about is whether or not your school website has everything it needs for the new year. Let this blog serve as a guide to update your school website before the kids begin piling in the front door that first day.

Updated School Calendar

A new year brings with it exciting events that parents, students, and staff will want to attend. Therefore, remember that you can share an idea of what’s to come so that they can plan their year accordingly. By updating the calendar on your website, parents can also plan ahead for extended breaks for time with their children. If the calendar included with your CMS has a feature that allows the organization of events by type, you can also offer unique calendar filters for events surrounding sports, theater, fundraisers, etc. for parents with students involved in only certain activities. We know that community involvement is important for many schools, and updating your calendar can help everyone stay up-to-date!

Classroom Rules Post

Every school has different expectations and guidelines for their students. Before the year begins, you can post a general list of classroom rules. Your school’s website is a place where everyone can view the rules and procedures at any time if they have questions or are confused. By publishing the rules on your CMS at the beginning of the year, parents and students alike can learn what is the norm at their school and can feel comfortable getting started on that first day.

Request Form for Supplies

School supply shopping is debatably the best thing about back-to-school time. You most likely have all the basics, but items as simple as paper towels, tissues, and cleaning supplies are always needed in bulk and may not always be fully stocked before the new year. Your CMS can a good place to post parent requests for these supplies. Posting these request forms before school starts is the best time because many parents are already planning trips to the store for other back-to-school essentials, so you’ll get their attention in time for your needed items to be added to their lists.

Letter to Parents Introducing Yourself

After enjoying the summer spending time with their children, some parents may have some melancholy about their kids going back to school full-time. Your school’s CMS is often the first place parents go to learn more and connect with their children’s new teachers. Before the school year starts, you can calm some of the parents’ nerves by including a message on your homepage introducing the teachers and staff to parents to set their minds at ease. Additionally, getting to know teachers in this way will make parents more comfortable and more willing to reach out to staff if their child is having problems.

Summer News Posts

The beginning of the school year is a great time to update the student body on all the exciting things that have happened over the summer. Impressive achievements by students and staff alike can be highlighted, and the students’ unique trips and adventures can be shared so that on the first day there is much to catch up on! Posting all the amazing things that the school community has been involved in on your CMS promotes pride in the school and gets everyone to look forward to the new year!