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The Brains Behind Sangha

April 3rd, 2017
Our partnership with Sangha means that we have a few new friendly faces around Edlio HQ! We're happy to announce that three Sangha cofounders are now part of the Edlio team. Get to know Pavan, Srivatsan, and Srikanth below!

What's your favorite part of your job?

"My favorite thing has been that it never felt like a job, we knew that we were solving a real problem that every parent we knew was facing." - Srivatsan
"I love listening to our customers. I learn a lot from district administrators principals, teachers and parents everyday - the issues they face and how we can help them." - Pavan
"My favorite part is learning. With Sangha I had the opportunity to learn so many things every day and I hope to continue the same with Edlio." - Srikanth

What Sangha feature do you think is most useful to parents?

"Scheduling parent teacher meetings is a killer feature that... solves the problems associated with transparency and communication" - Srivatsan
"Sangha events with eSign forms is my favorite given that the story of Sangha began after I missed signing my daughter's field trip permission form." - Pavan
"[My] favorite feature as a parent is the reminders we get on minimum days. We have no more excuses to miss pickup" - Srikanth

What do you like to do on the weekends?

"[I'm] an amateur guitarist, would like to spend more time learning different styles of playing." - Srivatsan
"When I get a chance I sneak out to play basketball or badminton." - Pavan
"I have taken up golf in the recent years... it also feels more age appropriate now :)" - Srikanth

Are there any particular classes you'd recommend for someone who wants to learn how to write apps?

"Stanford courses in iTunes U for iOS app development... [and get] your hands dirty and start writing code from day 1" - Srivatsan
"Srivatsan and Srikanth already covered it!" - Pavan
"Definitely recommend Stanford U [courses] for iOS." - Srikanth

Did you have a favorite teacher or subject in school?

"Math for sure, also developed an interest in game theory and applied statistics - though they were of no help during my Vegas trips :)" - Srivatsan 
"I loved Maths but Geography was my favorite. Developed an inquisitiveness about other countries and cultures after my parents setup two large maps and bought us an encyclopedia." - Pavan
"Growing up in India, I had no choice but to study Math -- so I'm going to go with Math as my favorite." - Srikanth