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Team Spotlight: Trainers

November 16th, 2017
A website you can't use is about as useful as a car you can't drive. Our star trainers, Carmell and Nina, know this and that's why they make sure that everyone knows the material in their sessions. Carmell also hosts the MyEdlio webinar series, so new and existing clients alike can brush up on their Edlio knowledge. Whether you're a new client or you've been with us for years, you're likely to encounter Nina and Carmell as you learn and keep up-to-date on the Edlio CMS. Get to know them below!

What's your favorite topic to train teachers and admins on?

NINA: My favorite topic to train is Pages and personal pages. I enjoy it very much because I get to build it with them. I can be creative by giving them ideas to enhance their class.
CARMELL: Anything that helps them cut out tedious tasks (i.e. social media manager, districts pushing news & alerts to schools, SSO options), using scheduling options, and integrating calendars - they're always so fascinated by how quickly & efficiently their events are populated. The oohs and ahhs are endless.

What advice would you give admins who want to train their staff on Edlio's CMS?

N: To be patient and to think outside the box. This way they can be be creative and grasp all of the communication tools we have within the CMS.
C: Although you have a fresh new site, don't have so many restrictions that your staff is unable to let their creative juices flow; you run the risk of losing traffic to your site. Spice it up! Bonus tip: I would also suggest integrating google analytics. It's an excellent tool that allows admins to monitor the progress and performance of your websites. If you're looking for additional ways to make the most of your investment, review your analytics.

What's the longest webinar you've ever done?

N: I haven't done webinars, but I usually work with initial trainings online of 1 hour 30 minutes trying to keep it short and simple. 
C: My longest webinar was 3 hours, and my longest onsite training was 41 schools for 6.5 hours. 

Are you a former teacher, or did you do tech training before working at Edlio?

N: I taught in México, different subjects and methodologies, from K1 to junior high. I have experience as a Preschool Director and as an academic tutor for 11th grade. Before Edlio, I used to do tech training for schools on LMS and IOS apps for class. 
C: Yes, I trained teachers for about 2.5 years before making my way to Edlio on management and reporting software for Early Childhood and Community Services.

What can teachers and staff do to get the most benefit from Edlio trainings?

N: My advice would be to fully dive in through the CMS and think out of the box! To participate in training sessions and keep on trying doing stuff so they can be creative. To not be afraid to reach out for help!
C: The best thing any user can do is be prepared. Don't be afraid to click around the admin site and familiarize yourself with your new dashboard. For those of you who are visual learners, our Help Center might be more beneficial for you as it includes screenshot play-by-plays and videos for your convenience. Admins, encourage your teachers to have a presence on your websites. The photo of your cat as your profile photo is not enough; your parents want to see YOU! Tell them a little bit about you, add a few images of the class project or a video of special performances. Incorporate features that will enhance your pages and ultimately keep the parents and students coming back to your sites.