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Summer Time = Professional Development Time

June 15th, 2016
Whether your school is done with graduation or finals are still around the corner, summer is on its way! Summer is also a great time for teachers and staff to explore professional development options. We've put together a list of ideas and resources for professional development - for some ideas you'll need to be at a computer, and others you can even do on vacation at the beach!
  1. TED-Ed: as you've probably realized by now, we love our TED talks. At TED-Ed, they've put together a great list of short educational videos you can incorporate into next year's lesson plans. They're especially great for spicing up topics that can be otherwise dull. Watch for fun, or to figure out how to incorporate them into next year's lesson plans. If you happen to teach Statistics, check out "If The World Were 100 People"!
  2. #edchats: did you know that educators host weekly forums on Twitter? They're a great way to connect with other teachers and learn more about teaching styles, edtech, and education trends. The only things required to join are a Twitter account and an Internet-capable device, so you can even do this one from the beach! Just log into Twitter and start typing, tagging your message with the chat group's hashtag. Check out #edchat, #edtechchat, and #ptchat to get started.
  3. Start a book club: wi-fi not required! Upgrade your vacation reading and get a group together in person or via Skype and email. We've heard great things about Ken Robinson's Creative Schools, and for more ideas, check out this list
  4. Revisit your Edlio site: we've added a lot of new features recently, and summer's a chance to refresh your memory! Check out our help articles, or click on your notification center to find links to recordings of our past webinars - Spring Cleaning and Pages are some recent topics of discussion. 
Have an extra-long summer? Get more ideas for personal development here and here!