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Summer School Made Fun

June 15th, 2016
After finals, many students want to turn off their brains for a couple months, but June-August is a long time to go without learning anything new! Keep them from dreading summer school, or informal learning, by using some of these ideas for your school days or at-home lessons:
  1. Learn how to code: if your school doesn’t offer computer science lessons during the school year, squeeze them in in the summer! Khan Academy and Code Academy are a couple of our favorite websites for STEM pursuits.
  2. Get out in nature: your next science lesson, ditch the beakers and go exploring! Whether it’s a day in a park or a weekend in the wilderness, learning about the natural world is infinitely more exciting from a hands-on perspective.
  3. Put them in the kitchen: baking cookies or creating a volcano from baking soda and vinegar is possibly the most fun way to teach kids chemistry! For more culinary-meets-lesson ideas, check out this page from the San Francisco Exploratorium. 
  4. Test out a Raspberry Pi: after you’re done cooking desserts, teach yourself about Raspberry Pi! It’s a palm-sized computer that kids can plug in to their regular computer and program to perform a huge variety of tasks, like playing music and capturing motion. For more ideas, check out this list.