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Spring Cleaning for your Website

April 13th, 2016
Spring cleaning doesn't have to be relegated to your kitchen and your closet (and be careful what you throw away there: Spike tells us acid wash and overalls are back in). It's also a great idea for your website! Taking the time to tidy up your site can help students, parents, and prospective families access the information they need faster and with less stress. To help you out, we've put together a short list of cleaning tasks and tips:
  • Review your About Me and Contact Us areas – have any staff names, phone numbers, or email addresses changed? Click here for a guide on adding and managing users to your website.
  • Update your News and Calendars sections – are they featuring old news and events? No need to delete old events, just make sure your Calendar is updated with the latest and greatest in upcoming school events.
  • Learn about your site's analytics - if you haven't already, now's a great time to dive into your site's analytics and usage stats! If you're an administrator, just click on "Stats" on your admin dashboard to get started. For more in-depth analysis, we recommend Google Analytics. 
  • Update your photo shuffles - with prom and graduation around the corner, your photo shuffles could probably use a reboot! We recommend selecting up to 10 photos that showcase your school – try to have some variety with your subjects, your framing, and your camera angles. Also, consider taking photos of students and the school outside – April showers and May flowers! 
  • Create more visual interest - your pages don't have to be only text! With the new page editor, try adding multiple images as a slide show or place an inline photo into your text block.