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Spike's Event Planning Tips

February 10th, 2016
Event planning is definitely something that's harder than it looks. Even small events can turn into big headaches – and let's not even talk about prom and graduation! Don't worry, Spike is here to save the day with some of his tried­-and­-tested event planning tips:
  • Send out invites three weeks early – for most people, this strikes the perfect balance between not too early and not too late.
  • Incentives for kids (and parents) ­– if you're having trouble with getting enough attendees for your events, try using some kid and parent-­friendly incentives, such as a 'no homework' pass for kids and free childcare for parents.
  • Use your site to promote your events – your site is your best communication tool! Let parents know you have an upcoming event by advertising it through voice and text messages or with a pop­up message on your homepage. Teachers can also advertise events on their pages!
  • Share photos on your website, particularly high­-profile events like prom! You can also do a past-to­-present Prom photo shuffle on your site – extra points if teachers are featured!