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Featured Website Design of the Week 05/09/19

May 05, 2019

The Lillian and Betty Ratner Montessori School is Edlio's site of the week! This school has a beautiful design filled with color-changing icons and outstanding photography. There’s so much to love about Ratner Montessori’s design but we are particularly obsessed with the way icons and menus change when you hover over them. Although simple, having social icons change to black or having the quick links menu change to light gray helps to engage and encourage visitors to navigate through the site.

We also love how the school has chosen to organize it’s calendar. It’s very clean and easy to understand which makes families more likely to come back and view it. Lastly, we really enjoy how Ratner Montessori has made use of homepage widgets and alerts to notify the community about the upcoming Kaleidoscope Gala. Using tools like this helps encourage alumni to stay connected with the school.


Check out more of their site here!