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Featured Website Design of the Week: 08/01/19

August 1, 2019

Central Catholic High School in San Antonio, Texas is Edlio’s site of the week! I love that the homepage features an introductory video to the school, rather than a photo. I have never seen this type of feature before, and think it sets the website apart from others. Upon scrolling down the homepage, there is a section titled “CCHS At A Glance” that contains information about the school, such as the average SAT scores and number of sport state championship titles. I also really like that the site not only links all the social media accounts, they give previews of some posts from them, found at the bottom of the homepage. Under “Athletics” there is a cheerleading section that informs students who do not attend Central Catholic High School but would like to be a part of the cheer team how to do so! I really love this feature because students who may not have a cheer team at their school can easily learn who to contact and various details about CCHS’s team. 


The section called “Alumni” at the very top of the site keeps alumni informed of any upcoming events and opportunities of involvement. This shows visitors of the site that students will be valued among their school community past their education. 

Check out more of this site here!

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