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Featured Website Design of the Week: 7/11/19

July 11, 2019
Marian High School in Mishawaka, Indiana is Edlio’s site of the week! Just below the top of the homepage there is a section titled “Upcoming Events” that lists all events with their dates and times. Having this information on the homepage is extremely helpful, as parents and students can have the easiest access to it. By scrolling down even further, there is a very unique feature where you can click “List of Colleges and Universities” to see a full list of all schools Marian graduates have moved on to since 2008, which adds a creative edge. The “School Spirit” section, found under “About Us”, states the school colors, mascot, and fight song. Many school websites lack any type of feature similar to this, which shows the emphasis on school spirit.

On the homepage, you will see sections in the upper righthand corner titled “Parents”, “Students”, and “Alumni”. I love this feature because it filters the information based on who is viewing it. This type of feature is often overlooked, but incredibly useful. 

Check out more of their site here!

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