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School Website Design of the Week: 6/28/2018


June 28th, 2018

This week’s featured school website design is Liceo Anglo Francés, a trilingual school educating children in Spanish, French, and English in Monterrey, Mexico. As you might imagine, their site has a lot of information to cover, so it’s vital that their mega menus are easy to navigate, with links broken out into sections. Their site also has links throughout the homepage to social media profiles, parent and staff login pages, and to news articles about the advantages of studying in a trilingual environment (we’re sure there are many!). Our photos don’t do their homepage justice: navigate to their homepage photo shuffle and you’ll find smooth animated transitions between photos, mouseover effects on other links, and more. This site is not one to be missed!

Visit Liceo Anglo Francés’ brand-new website today!