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School Website Design of the Week: 2/15/2018

February 15th, 2018

This week’s featured school website design is Holy Cross School, in New Orleans, LA. Their site’s homepage features all of the school essentials: news, upcoming events, social media, and photo and video content. Their mega menu incorporates related graphics into each menu section, and their school colors, muted blue and gold, appear throughout the homepage. Design aside, our favorite part of this website is how much content is on this new site! We know that making sure your site’s Calendar, News, and Pages sections are fully finished can be a real change to a busy school. However, the sooner your site is up and running, the sooner that parents, students, and prospective families can find the information they need! We encourage schools and districts to periodically reevaluate their site’s content, and make sure it is still accurate. 


Visit Holy Cross School’s website to learn more.