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School Website Design of the Week: 12/6/2017

December 7th, 2017

This week, we’re showing off Kohelet Yeshiva as our school website design of the week. Their site’s homepage is unlike any we’ve seen before - take a look and see!

Their site is divided into four main sections: Lab School, High School, Middle School, and Beit Midrash. When mousing over each section, the background image expands in front of the other sections. It’s eye-catching and definitely makes us want to click into each section. We’re also big fans of the rotating center image. This site features a very well-done mega menu, with each section including the three essential components: links, graphics, and text. 

This site is also a great example of the popular design trend of keeping everything ‘above the fold’ - that is, there is no need to scroll to view more information on the page. This keeps everything quick, minimal, and easy to access - our three favorite things!

Click here to check out Kohelet Yeshiva.