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Brilliant Classroom Technology beyond School Communication Apps


July 16, 2018


School is starting soon, and everyone at Sangha is excited to see a variety of brand new education technology that can improve our customers’ classrooms. From coding robots to virtual reality, teachers and students alike are presented with exciting opportunities to expand the traditional education process. Below are some of our favorites, and if you enjoy them as much as we do, there are links with more information below the descriptions!

Google Cardboard:

Encourage virtual reality in the classroom with this affordable and innovative new product from Google. We love the way that students can become immersed in a variety of subjects. Compatible apps on your smartphone allow students to virtually visit notorious places in history, interesting geographic landscapes, or previously unreachable field trip destinations all through the cardboard lenses. This new technology is very affordable, and the ways to incorporate it into the classroom is virtually endless!

More on Cardboard Here!

Root Robotics:

Root the robot helps students as young as 5 learn how to code in a simple and fun way. We think this tool is brilliant because it takes the complex process of coding and makes it accessible to students in all stages of their education. While learning coding, students will also develop their imagination and problem solving skills. Their progress will become tangible as they watch the robot act out exactly as they have directed. Root will encourage each student to learn more and more.

More on Root Here!



Osmo introduces groundbreaking technology into the classroom and expands upon the educational benefits of iPads. By using reflective artificial technology, students can exchange pretend money with cashiers on the screen, expand upon spatial reasoning skills with geometry games, and even begin learning basic coding skills. We love how this technology utilizes the iPad, an already popular item amongst kids, and allows them to play with their hands and learn in an interactive way.

More on Osmo Here!


We are inspired by the opportunity created by this cloud based software designed for people with learning disabilities. The technology available on both Windows and Mac computers takes children through games that help them to develop reading and spelling skills that they normally struggle with in a traditional classroom environment. With the help of this technology, teachers can encourage each and every student to read at their grade level. This way, no one will feel left out or left behind, making the learning process an all together enjoyable one!

More on ReadON Here!

These are just a few of the many awesome education technology products that have come across our radar at various trade shows and by word-of-mouth. We hope you are excited as we are by the new improvements, and if you want to add a simple yet transformational parent communication app to your new tech-filled school, reach out to us at Sangha. We would love to hear from you!