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Team Spotlight: 5 questions for Alistair

January 22, 2018
Introducing Alistair, the CTO of Scholantis and the EVP of Product for the Edlio CMS! Alistair has made a brief appearance on our blog before, but we thought we would give him the spotlight this month. Get to know Alistair below: 

Tell us about yourself!

Born and raised in Scotland, I’ve been living in my adopted home of Canada for more than a decade. I’ve been working in the content management space for almost two decades, and in education for the last ten years. When visiting Vancouver, Canada on holiday, I just couldn’t resist being able to scuba dive in the morning, sail in the afternoon and then ski in the evening! How could you pass that up?

What are you most excited to work on in 2018?

While schools' needs are often universal, I’m really looking forward to diving into the specific needs of schools in other countries such as the U.S. and Mexico!

What was your experience with meeting the Edlio team?

It was clear from the day we met that we shared the same values, faced the same challenges and have even shared a similar journey over the last decade! It felt as though we had found our American doppelgänger! In the subsequent six months that sense of kinship seems to have only grown. It’s not every day two companies join together and create such an amazing and complementary fit.

Do you have any tech-related New Years resolutions?

Not really! I tend to shoot for the long term. The challenge this year is about taking the CMS to the next level. Our goal is to let staff, principals and teachers easily and painlessly create amazing content which is accessible to everyone, regardless of the device and their abilities.

What was the impetus for creating Scholantis? 

Scholantis was born from the idea that schools need help realizing the potential of technology in schools. The promise of technology has been obvious for a long time but schools have had an incredibly hard time getting the help they need. There was a need for a vendor that had a long term commitment to Education and understood the budgetary, organizational and day-to-day concerns of schools and districts. In addition to this, the education space is full of wonderful people looking to help young people learn. It’s inspiring, and we wanted to help those people.