Edlio Pay

Edlio Pay

Accepting online payments through Edlio Pay simplifies life for busy parents, increases revenue, and improves back end processes and transparency for schools. Integrates with your existing accounting software.

A familiar shopping experience for parents

Through Edlio Pay, schools provide a convenient, secure method for families to pay for any school-related fee. The experience for parents is similar to Amazon.
  • Browse items and activities
  • Add to shopping cart
  • Select recipient
  • Pay via debit or credit card
  • Receive confirmation and receipt

Designed to be school-friendly and easy to implement

Payments can be designated for a student, club, or grade. Donations can be set to recurring, and store items are simple to add and update. Custom approval layers can be added to access funds and multiple report views enable transparency and tracking of payment activity. Edlio Pay also integrates with nearly every accounting system or student information system used by schools and districts, including school activity, associated student body, internal treasury, and central ERP solutions.
Your payment system can be set up quickly - as short as one work week - and you do not need to set up your own merchant account for processing. There are no setup, training, or license costs to accept credit cards using Edlio Pay.

Built-in Modules

  • School Payments

    Students and families can pay using a credit card or e-check using a web browser from any location, any time.
  • Teacher Receipting

    Designated teachers and other school staff can process cash, check, and credit card payments from parents and students via web browser.
  • Ticket Management

    Track tickets or other redeemable items like yearbooks.
  • School Registration

    Provide course information and enable registration and payment online.
  • School Care

    School districts manage extended day, summer, and student enrichment programs throughout the district at multiple sites with central program oversight.
  • School Activity Funds

    This module provides a web-based, centrally managed accounting system to process financial transactions to account for school activity funds.
  • Mobile Swipe

    Accept credit cards face to face via a mobile device anytime, anywhere.
  • Student Invoicing

    Automate the management of student debts and invoices that can be paid online and in person.
As a modular cloud based software suite for K-12 student receipting online and in-person, schools can choose the modules they need to accept cash, check, and credit card payments from students, parents, and community members anywhere, anytime such as, school activities, cafeteria funds, student debts, Before & After School Programs, fundraisers, tickets and more. For more detailed information, visit the Online School Payments site or request a demo below

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