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Be prepared for any situation with a parent teacher app

October 30, 2018

A new school year brings with it unexpected occurrences such as inclement weather, impromptu staff meetings, and last-minute cancelled sporting events. These unexpected events can leave parents and teachers alike unsettled and stressed out. It also can be difficult to ensure that everyone is receiving notifications of any abrupt schedule changes. Sangha, Edlio’s parent teacher app, can help to put teachers, administrators, and parents at ease even in the most stressful moments with its simple, efficient, and easy-to-use features.

Parent Teacher App: Emergency Alert

Sangha’s emergency alert feature allows teachers and administrators to publish one message that immediately gets sent out to all channels through which parents receive messages. Many schools still post important alerts only to their website or through email. This Sangha feature demands the attention of parents through multiple channels - text message, phone call, email, and push notification to ensure the message gets delivered.

Parent Teacher App: Personalized Messaging

If a school has operated with an inefficient communication system, there is a possibility that parents have been bombarded with messages from school about issues that do not even involve their children. This may lead to them ignoring most messages. With Sangha’s personalized messaging, only messages pertaining to one’s children are sent to parents, so every message will be considered important. Additionally, many parents prefer particular channels to receive information about their children. Parents will receive messages only through the channels listed in the school’s SIS; however, emergency alerts will still go to all channels despite their preferred channel settings.

Parent Teacher App: Digital Forms

Forms often go missing or lay forgotten in students’ backpacks. This can result in a situation where a permission slip needs to be signed the very day of a field trip or other event. Instead of parents having to hurry from work or home and sign the form, Sangha allows parents to sign important documents remotely. All important documents are digitally stored right on the app and can be accessed on any device and at any time. The last minute event can be attended, and parents are put at ease.

Parent Teacher App: Interactive Calendar

Children are often very busy, and especially for families with more than one child, schedules can become hectic and some events are at risk of being forgotten. Sangha allows parents to have an interactive calendar that integrates with school events. This feature keeps parents up-to-date with their children’s activities, school dismissal times, and special events, and if one is forgotten, they can simply open the app and see what event or practice their child has that evening.


This time of year can be very exciting for students, teachers, and parents alike, but no matter how well-prepared everyone is, unexpected events do occur. However, Sangha, the parent teacher app, can help keep schools and communities connected even during stressful and unpredictable times. Instead of relying on your school’s tech director to post alerts on your website, Sangha gives teachers and administrators the power to push out important messages whenever and wherever. This school year, give Sangha a try!