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How a parent-teacher app can simplify communication for families of all types

October 4, 2018

Today, less than half of school-age kids are living in a “traditional household” of two parents in their first marriage. Many children have divorced parents living in separate houses, sometimes with step-parents. A number of children are also raised by single parents, foster parents, or by other family members. The variety of parent/guardian roles can cause confusion in parent-teacher communication. For example, the main caregiver of a child may not be receiving the important information, or certain parties responsible for the child may be left out of conversations with teachers. With the changing family dynamics, a new way for school administrators and teachers to communicate with parents is needed, and Sangha, Edlio’s parent communication app, can help.

First, Sangha has a feature that allows for student information systems (SIS) integration with most platforms. Any individuals listed as guardians can download the app to have access to important information about their dependent’s school. Teachers no longer need to contact three to four different guardians at separate times; instead they publish a message in the app that will send to every contact listed in the SIS. Families can be complicated, and it may be hard for a teacher to understand who is the most involved guardian. With the Sangha app, teachers and administrators can rest assured that every guardian is included in communication, so there is a better chance of involvement with each student’s caretaker.

Second, Sangha’s actionable calendar feature helps keep every guardian on track with events and occasions happening at school. When children have guardians who are not living under the same roof or have extremely busy single guardians looking after multiple children, a lack of communication can result in missed games or performances by both guardians. With the actionable calendar feature, parents or guardians only view events that relate to their child. This can make conversation about who will be present at each event simpler. Sangha’s actionable calendar also makes it easy to schedule parent-teacher conferences. The calendar shows available dates and times, and guardians can simply reserve the time that works best for them.

Sangha’s alert feature can also help them remember events with push notifications. There are times when it is necessary to volunteer to bring supplies or to volunteer to chaperone an event. This can cause confusion with separated parents if they are not sure if the other parent has signed up already. Sangha’s actionable calendar gives parents the opportunity to volunteer right on the app. It also allows other guardians registered in the SIS to see that someone has already volunteered. After a guardian has signed up, they will also receive notifications through the app to remind them to complete the task for which they signed up!

Finally, Sangha is a transparent app, so administrators can see all conversations between teachers and parents to make sure that a consistent message is being delivered. If an administrator wants to double-check to make sure all parties are involved on a message for a certain child, he or she can easily do so. This feature can help to make sure that teachers and administrators are not confusing parents or guardians, who may not be communicating, every day with duplicate or contradicting messages.

The variety of family structures today requires schools to offer organized and effective communication. Edlio knows this and includes features in the Sangha app to help keep every guardian up-to-date on their child’s experience and development in school.