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Meet the Edlio Coaches!

October 25, 2018
The leadership team of an amazing school deserves a great coach! At Edlio, our client success services team works hard every day to support your school and its beautiful website. Just like a great coach, this team of dedicated Edlio experts helps teach you the best ways to utilize your CMS so that teachers, parents, and staff stay connected every day of the week. We wanted to put the spotlight on them this month, ask them their favorite parts of being on the CSS team, and hear about inspiring coaches they’ve had in their lives!
What is your favorite thing about being a member of the CSS team at Edlio?
Neetu: I love the collaborative approach we take when tackling obstacles! The team is always there to bounce ideas off of and offers great advice.
Sevana: My favorite thing about being a member of the CSS team is being able to work directly with our clients on a daily basis.
Ashley: I think it's fun to be a part of a new, growing team, really get to know one another, and work hand in hand.
What has been one of your most inspiring moments while coaching a school through its CMS?
Neetu: My most inspiring moment was when I traveled to Spokane, Washington to conduct an on-site training. Seeing the enthusiasm of all the teachers as high-fived each other as they learned to update content was absolutely amazing.
Sevana: My most inspiring moment has been hearing how excited staff from schools and districts get when they are trained on the CMS and how thankful they are for our ease of use and features we offer.
Ashley: It is rewarding to see the "lightbulb" turn on when a client learns how to do something in the CMS.
What is one of your favorite things to teach clients about on the CMS?
Neetu: I really enjoy walking clients through teacher pages, classes, assignments, and posts! It's really exciting to walk through the different ways teachers can engage with students and parents!
Sevana: One of my favorite things to teach clients about is Pages on the CMS.
Ashley: It may seem silly, but I think our Forms module is fun. Clients always get excited when they make a new Form and then view it on the live site :)
What does a typical day on the CSS team look like?
Neetu: We're the go-to when a client needs anything! A typical day on the CSS team can range from anywhere from helping a client get trained and launched, conference calls with clients discussing website changes, an impromptu training on Google Classroom Integration, to troubleshooting technical issues. We're constantly collaborating with other departments to better serve our clients!
Sevana: A typical day on the CSS team includes the following: answering emails, phone calls with schools/districts, working in JIRA and Zoho, renewals, working with accounting on certain accounts, and much more....
Ashley: A typical day is following up with clients on any questions they may have, either before or after training. We also work alongside the trainers so that the client feels supported throughout both the training process and after they launch their site. We're their go-to person when they need anything!
Have you had any great coaches/mentors in your life? If so, what made them such a good coach?
Neetu: My mom has always been one of my biggest mentors. She takes the initiative and is constantly teaching herself new things!
Sevana: Yes! What made them a great coach and mentor is sharing their knowledge with me and having me learn on my own how to apply everything I have learned. Also by being positive, motivating and available if help is needed.
Ashley: While attending art school, I learned a lot about being yourself from my professors. To always express yourself, be unique, and try new things! They always encouraged me to take inspiration from other artists I admired and translate it into my own point of view. I still try to do that to this day.
What would be your advice to teachers and administrators about to implement a new CMS into their communication platform?
Neetu: Don't be scared to break anything! Breaking things is the best way to learn how to fix them!
Sevana: My advice would be to of course schedule their training, make sure they know who will be working on the site, utilizing their CSS and also keeping up to date with our Edlio Notifications and MyEdlio Webinars.
Ashley: Patience! It's always hard to learn new things so don't be afraid to try...you can't break the internet! (Plus, your CSS is always here to help.)
We’re so lucky to have such a great team of Edlio experts devoted to passing on their expansive knowledge of the Edlio CMS to schools all over North America. Without the constant support this team gives to our clients, Edlio could not be the hands-on and dependable CMS provider that it strives to be!