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Meet the Edlio Matchmakers

September 28, 2018
We believe that every school is unique and needs a unique communication solution. Some schools may not yet know how a good school website and mobile app can benefit them! Thankfully, our SDRs find these individuals and match them up with the best school website and mobile solution for them. Their jobs can definitely be challenging, but they truly lay the foundation for all of the CMS and Sangha app support Edlio provides to over 9,700 schools. Therefore, we wanted to ask some of our SDR team questions about their time at Edlio - and of course, what they want to be for Halloween!

What is your favorite thing about being a Sales Development Rep?

Josh: I enjoy speaking to schools all over, and building a bridge between the school and Edlio.
Amanda: Having the chance to introduce Edlio to prospective clients and talk with new people every day.

What is your favorite thing about Edlio?

Austin: People here allow me to be myself.
Amanda: The appreciation and understanding of work/life balance.

What is something on your bucket list to do in the city in which you currently live?

Austin (Los Angeles, CA): I want to go to the Comedy Store!
Amanda (Chicago, IL): Go on the Skydeck at the Willis Tower

What’s your most memorable Halloween costume?

Josh: In the 80s, plastic masks were awesome! I was Ernie from Sesame Street.
Austin: Last year when I tried to be Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day.

And most importantly...what are you being for Halloween?

Josh: Maybe Ernie!
Amanda: Two of my friends and I are being the Sanderson Sisters from "Hocus Pocus".