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Marketing Tips for Summer: Admin Edition

July 15th, 2016

We know that summertime isn't just vacation time for admins! It's also a great time to review and improve your site. Before the school year starts, you may want to think about how you're using your site as a marketing tool. With that in mind, we thought we'd make things a little easier for you. Enjoy these tips for using your site as a marketing tool - we hope it makes having to work during triple-digit temperatures a little bit easier.

  1. Photo shuffles are often the first thing people see when they visit your site! Are yours outdated? Take a moment to update your shuffles and finally remove those old homecoming shots.
  2. Our new Forms feature is here - have you checked it out yet? Use the revamped Forms add-on to collect admissions applications, sports waivers, and more. Your Forms will look modern and will be easily accessible through your admin site. See "Product News" below for more details. 
  3. Social media: between Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, finding time to consistently update your school's social media pages can be daunting. We recommend taking the time to write out a game plan for how often you post, and what kind of content you share. It's ok to start small! For information on our upcoming Social Media Manager, see "Product News" below.
  4. SEO for Pages is live on your site. You can now make changes including updating your page descriptions, creating personalized friendly URLs, and implementing OpenGraph tags so your content looks great when posted on Facebook and Twitter. SEO can have a bit of a learning curve, so summer's a great time to learn the ropes. Click here for more information.