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Vice President of Human Resources

At Edlio, the cumulative talent of our team is our most important asset. We build innovative products for educational communities around the world. We need to continue building out a team of diverse professionals that are creative, passionate, and genuinely curious and excited about helping improve education everywhere. With the changing global economy talent is now available in different locations globally and people from different walks of life can contribute to our mission.

The Vice President of HR is responsible for all aspects of the company's talent acquisition and growth of talent from within our ranks. Vice President of HR drives and develops effectiveness and supports the entire management team on areas including but not limited to strategic talent acquisition plans, like compensation, recruiting, benefits, professional development, budget, and labor relations.

Vice President (VP) of HR duties and responsibilities
  • Oversee an organization’s recruiting, interviewing, selection, and hiring processes
  • Build out the “Edlio Early Career Development Program”
  • Promote our Culture and Values throughout Edlio
  • Plan employee benefit, payroll, health and safety programs
  • Implement the “Rooney Rule” for Edlio and continue to work towards pay equity across the organization.
  • Provide strategic direction, planning, and requirements to execute the design, implementation, communication, and administration of the company’s compensation programs, including annual short- and long-term incentives and executive compensation that attracts and retains world-class talent.
  • Develop a compensation philosophy that is aligned with company values and promotes a high performing culture.
  • Facilitate and monitor the implementation of standardized human resource processes
  • Adhere to all internal policies and legal standards.
  • Build nexus-based localized rules for talent acquisition efforts
  • Build locality based risk assessments for talent acquisition and make decisions based on risk scores of locales.
  • Structure Edlio Internships, Build out partnerships with leading secondary schools and universities to get access to talented interns and entry level job seekers.
  • Build Out the “Edlio Recruiting Organization”.
  • Maintain and update employee handbooks globally on a regular basis
  • Effectively structure/maintain/iterate benefits programs to attract and retain top talent
  • Work with technical team to design, integrate and implement human resource software systems for better efficiency
  • Implement novel measures for performance evaluations aligned with our culture.
  • Work with management team to ensure high employee satisfaction score (ENPS)
  • Prepare and distribute quarterly reports on company wide HR statistics, with focus on turn over, gender pay equity, minority participation rates, and recommendations for improvements.
  • Design and implement onboarding and on-going training programs for employees
  • Ensure company fulfills its commitment to a diverse workplace through recruiting, equal pay and equal opportunity in all efforts
Vice President (VP) of HR requirements and qualifications
  • Four year degree in Engineering, Mathematics, Sciences, Human Resources, Business Administration, or related fields
  • Analytical Thinking and Data Driven Decision Making Capability
  • Previous experience working as an HR Director for a minimum of 5 year(s)
  • In-depth knowledge about local and international Human Resource Processes, employment legislation, and legal regulations
  • Excellent knowledge of all aspects of Talent management
  • Experience with HR tools and recruiting software including ADP, EaseCentral, GoogleAdmin, LinkedIn, Payscale
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Team player
  • Strong Leadership Qualities
  • Good time-management skills
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills
  • Senior Professional in Human Resources Certification (SPHR) or Society for Human Resource Management Certification (SHRM) is preferred