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How to Take Great Photos for your Website

March 20th, 2017
Just in time for spring, get the best shot for your website by following these simple tips:
  • Think about dimensions. Is the designated space for your photo square or rectangular? If it's rectangular, is it horizontal or vertical? As an example, most homepage photo shuffles have widescreen dimensions, so rotate your camera accordingly.
  • Never center your subject. Instead, frame your shot with the subject to one side, making sure there's something interesting filling the remaining space. The result? A balanced composition that will impress!
  • Let your feet be the zoom. Don't be afraid to get up close to your subject. (Unless it's a lion or bear of some kind. In that case, please zoom.)
  • Change your perspective. Sometimes eye-level is not the best option. Try taking a picture from below - your superhero 2nd grader will look epic!
  • Use natural light whenever possible. Get out from under those florescent lights and take a group photo outside.