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School Notification Systems: More Than Emergency Alerts

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A school notification system is for more than just raising an alarm; it can also be used to bring attention to accomplishments and to invite participants and guests to events. Here are some of the occasions and instances that you can announce through your school notification system:

School Achievements

It takes a village to raise a child. That’s why, when a student accomplishes something, it’s important to let the entire school community know about this great achievement. Making these types of announcements shows that your school is doing things right and that the method you use to educate the students in your care leads to great results.

School achievement can be positive things done or accomplished by your school’s students, clubs, departments, or staff. It can be as academically significant as increasing the average SAT score of the students from your school, or as heartwarming as having a volunteer program for students to contribute their time and resources to the community. It may also be about reaching the funds needed to put up a new facility, like a solar-powered multimedia room.

While school achievements are great news, they’re not exactly urgent, so you can take your time preparing your announcements. This type of news can be the headline or featured story in your regular newsletter, or it can also be announced through a celebratory email with equally festive colors and a few details about the accomplishment itself. And don’t forget to mention it in the school’s official social media accounts.

Sports Related News

Is your school sending participants to compete with other schools for a sporting event? Make sure everyone knows about it beforehand so that the community can plan a rally to encourage your athletes and provide them with the support they need. Update the community with the results of every game so everyone can celebrate each step forward or commend efforts with every step back.

In addition to newsletters, emails, and social media posts, you can also announce pep rallies and upcoming games by marking them in your school calendar and sending an alert through your school communication app. This way, students, teachers, and parents can receive daily reminders and anticipate further announcements about how the game went. If the match will be held on your turf, then make sure to announce it to the rest of the school so that as many people can attend the event as possible.

Holiday Greetings

Celebrations unite the school community. Make sure that everyone in your school feels the holiday spirit by sending greetings during notable celebrations. You can do this via email, by replacing the banner on the website to reflect the season, or by sending a text message.

If you want something more personal, you can also send a short voicemail. If your communications personnel won’t be in during the date, make sure that you still greet everyone ahead of time by creating scheduled social media posts for the holidays.

Prom and Homecoming

Prom and homecoming are among the most celebrated events in a high school student’s life. From the school’s perspective, it takes meticulous planning to pull off a successful event that requires a lot of resources and the participation of many people. Every member of the planning committee has to diligently take care of their responsibilities to avoid the risk of hosting a less-than-stellar night for everyone.
One way to encourage attendance to these kinds of events is to include everyone in the planning phase. Give the participants -- committee member or not -- a sense of ownership over these events by letting them know of the decisions and options of the event planners. Use downloadable forms to conduct surveys, and announce results by emailing concerned classes or year levels. Once the details have been finalized, make sure to let everyone know through email, newsletters, the website calendar, the school communication app, and social media. You can also send out text messages or voicemail messages on the day of the event itself to remind everyone to come.

Sales, Fairs, and Fundraisers

Fairs, sales, and fundraisers are events that depend on the participation of a lot of people. To reach the amount you need, it is imperative to invite as many people as possible to the event. To do this, you have to make sure that everyone in the school community is aware of the activity long before the date itself. This way, people can save money and block out the date as early as possible, increasing the chances that you’ll see them on the day itself.
How can you use your school’s notification system to benefit these events? One, you can set the event on your school calendar so that everyone who visits the site or is using the school’s communication app is aware of when the event is happening. Next, send an email announcement, text message, or voicemail to let students and their parents know that the event is happening in this place at this time, and periodically remind them using the same communication channels. Be sure to post a banner of the event on the school website, and set scheduled social media posts about it, too.

Inclement Weather

Last but not least, school notification systems can be used to let parents know that classes or after school events have been cancelled due to bad weather conditions. This type of announcement, while not a dire emergency, requires immediate attention from the parents and students. The earlier they find out that classes or practices have been cancelled, the less time and effort they have to put into preparing for going to school, or the earlier the students can be picked up from the school. To make sure that the news reaches families ASAP, inclement weather announcements are best sent through text message, voicemail, and by posting a popup news alert on the website. To reach a wider set of people, be sure to post this immediately on the school’s social media accounts.
Remember, your school notification system can be used for more than just delivering unfavorable news. It is also a valuable tool for reaching out to students, engaging parents and keeping them informed of their child’s activities, and uniting the entire school community to celebrate milestones and accomplishments.