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Edlio Welcomes Sangha to the Family

March 27th, 2017
Since our founding in 2011, we have been working hard to bring amazing products to educators, teachers and parents with the main goal of significantly enhancing school to home communication. Today we are happy to announce Sangha, a revolutionary parent engagement platform, is joining the Edlio family.


At Edlio, we listen to our customers every day to make our platform easier to use and more valuable to the educational communities we serve. To achieve this goal, we have met with thousands of school administrators, teachers and parents. As champions of continuous delivery, we release dozens of improvements to our systems every day, creating a better experience for all of our users.

“Fast, Beautiful, Easy,” our motto when we started Edlio, means that every website we power has to be fast (with the quickest load times), feature a beautiful design (that uniquely represents the school or district) and be easy to use (both for editing and navigating). In a few short years, thousands of schools have signed up to use our Content Management System (CMS) and started a conversation with their communities. Now, with increasingly more people using their smartphones as their primary computing device, our products are evolving by becoming responsive to ensure everyone has the best experience, no matter what device they’re using.

Today, as technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence become more accessible, the classical user interfaces and experiences will again change to make the interaction between our products and our users even more natural. Edlio is at the forefront of building the next generation of educational technology products using these new innovations.



Our parent teacher engagement platform Sangha is a great first step in moving deeper into the personalization arena. With Sangha, busy parents have at their fingertips the information pertinent to their kids only, and this information is actionable, creating more value and more engagement for millions of parents that interface with Edlio’s systems every day. If my child has a field trip coming up, I can use the Sangha app to sign the permission slip, volunteer as a chaperone, offer to bring twenty bottles of water, and pay for the entrance fee - all in under a minute while waiting in line for my lunch. That makes me a happy parent.

We are already hard at work cooking up new ideas to make it even more exciting for Edlio users: better analytics and insights for our educators; more meaningful and actionable information for our parents; a user experience with minimum friction so that parents are always in the know of how their children are progressing through their educational journey; just to name a few.

As we are planning Edlio’s sixth anniversary celebration in couple of weeks, we would like to thank all of the educators that have supported us throughout this journey. We rely on your feedback to push us every day to deliver better products to improve educational outcomes.

Ali Arsan
Edlio CEO

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