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Easy Tips for Awesome Videos

March 20th, 2017

With graduation coming up in the next few months, your school likely has some video-worthy moments happening soon! Here are some tips so you can get footage you'll want to share. PS - click here and here to look at how some schools use video on their homepages; we think you'll be inspired!

  • Embrace landscape mode - we recommend turning your phone horizontally to film anything; this gives you a wider field of vision and looks more cinematic than vertical video.
  • Hired a professional? Let people know! There's nothing worse than watching professional footage of your school's graduation only to find the students are totally obscured by people taking their own photos. A quick heads-up to parents as they arrive will help prevent this!
  • Create a b-roll and vary your shots: a secondary roll of footage gives you more ways to tell your story - instead of a graduation video with only shots of students walking across the stage, you'll be able to splice in other, interesting footage like close-ups of students' graduation caps. Using a mix of wide shots and close-ups will also give your video visual interest.  
  • Lighting is crucial! Make sure your subjects have adequate lighting (going outside makes this easy, in most cases) and are not backlit. If you're still having trouble, try using white fabric as a backdrop. 
  • Don't overwhelm yourself with editing - we know the temptation to shoot footage first, and edit later! But we recommend you avoid recording everything unless you're sure you'll have time to edit. Editing often takes a lot longer than anticipated, and you don't want to run out of time because you recorded 4+ hours of your school's graduation ceremony!