Coding Tips for Kids

May 9th, 2017
Do your students have a lot of free time over the summer? Here are some tips, tricks, and resources to pass on to parents who want to get their kids started with coding:
  • Institute your own Hour of Code: set aside an hour every week to practice coding, and join your child in the fun! An hour a week really adds up. For best results, we suggest not replacing Saturday morning cartoons with coding lessons. (smile)
  • Check out Girls Who Code: GWC is a great resource for girls, particularly those in the 6th-12th grades, who want to learn how to code. They offer clubs throughout the United States that meet after school or on weekends during the school year.
  • Teach yourself anything with Khan Academy: Khan Academy's courses are great for kids of all ages - and they're not limited to coding! They have special courses designed for the Hour of Code program, where kids as young as 8 can learn Javascript, HTML/CSS and SQL. Plus, when you and your child are done with the module, you can switch gears and learn about world history or astronomy!
  • Representation matters: when choosing coding-related media for your kids, choose stories with a wide range of characters to show them that anyone can code. We like Hidden Figures!
Need more ideas? Check out this list from Edutopia for additional resources!