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School Communication Apps & Busy Parents


Keeping parents up to date on information about their children is important. It can become difficult when parents are busy and are receiving constant information from other sources as well as from their children’s schools. Many parents are on-the-go and prefer to get information sent to them in a variety of different ways. This can pose a challenge to schools, especially those without up-to-date communication technology. However, Edlio has some tips to help break through all of the messages parents are receiving and to ensure that they are receiving every update about their children. Learn how through this Free eBook. A few ideas are detailed below.

Make Information Easy for Parents to Receive and Respond

Because parents are often busy doing twelve different things at once, it can be difficult to successfully communicate with them when an action is required on their part (Signing up for Volunteering, Joining a Bake Sale, Confirming Meeting Times, etc.) This can be made simple, however, if the communication tool that you are using offers a simple response such as a quick text reply or a digital form. People today are used to everything being instant, and they constantly have to choose where to spend their time and attention. Important communication can be missed out on if the response from the parent has to be lengthy or time-consuming. Making it simpler for them raises the chances you’ll get necessary responses and in a timely manner.

Simplify Schoolwide Alerts

While it is important to send parents tailored messages about their particular children, some messages pertain to the entire school. Parents should be updated about improvements and positive advancements happening in the school in their community. Fundraising efforts and athletic scores are exciting for many parents, and plan-altering inclement weather updates are vital when commuting. Although there is a vast amount of schoolwide information needing to be shared, the messages do not need to be presented in a way that feels obtrusive to parents. For example, Edlio offers a homepage alert option that provides a popup notification on the website homepage for quick information. Keep the messages short and to the point and add humor when the note is positive.

Hopefully these tips and the ones provided in the eBook help your school thrive when communicating to parents! If your school is struggling with effective communication, a one-stop and convenient app like Sangha could help. It keeps all of your important notification centers in one place to help you and the parents you communicate with stay informed and organized. In addition to schoolwide alerts, Sangha offers personalized notifications specific to each child. This helps parents to feel recognized, and it reminds them that every child is given the individual attention he or she deserves. As technology advances and parents get busier, its important for your school to stay ahead of the curve and communicate with parents on their level and at their convenience, and now you can!