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Edlio’s Best School District Websites

October 2017

It’s expected for a school to have its own website these days, but it takes creativity and planning to come up with a standout website design. A website that’s easy to navigate, straight to the point, and is visually appealing gives any school a much stronger presence in the digital world. The challenge these days is coming up with a website that is as eye catching as it is easy to use. For inspiration, here’s a list of the 5 best school district websites in the country.


alliance college ready screenshot

1. Alliance College-Ready Public Schools

District Background

Alliance opened its first public school in 2004. Headquartered at the corner of Western and Martin Luther King Blvd, this school district began with a few hundred families and a group of dedicated educators who wanted something better for the community. Today, Alliance is the largest charter school network in Los Angeles, successfully educating 12,500 students in 25 high-performing, tuition-free high school and middle school academies.

District Website

Alliance is known for providing high performing, college-ready schools to low-income communities in California. To incorporate this detail, the home page draws attention to the students’ successes and achievements, as well as the schools’ exceptional results. You can see this immediately from the looping images of their diverse graduates and students. Also, the site’s navigation bar features pages that detail the performance of their schools, how they support their teachers, and programs that are geared towards improving the students’ chances of success in college.

The website is clear, organized, and concise. You won’t get lost navigating it because of its well-planned structure and highly visible font choice and background design. Also, the website can be translated into Spanish with one click of a button.


bhusd screenshot

2. Beverly Hills Unified School District

District Background

The Beverly Hills Unified School District (BHUSD) consists of four K-8 elementary schools and one 9-12 high school. The school district has approximately 4,187 enrolled students, as well as 320 certificated and 150 classified personnel. In addition, they’re recognized nationally as a leader in education, with their students consistently scoring above national averages on standardized achievement tests.

District Website

BHUSD is proud of their stats and achievements, which can be seen front and center on the homepage. Photos from the district’s different schools dominate the center of the page. Under this is a showcase of their upcoming events. The main navigation bar features the school department and pages that may be of interest to the staff and parents. There’s another navigation bar at the right side of the page that opens up more options like civic center rentals and food services.

What’s great about BHUSD’s website is that it caters to parent needs. Parents can keep an eye on their child’s grades, as well as become a member of the district’s PTA group. In addition, BHUSD has accounts on Facebook and Twitter so parents can keep an eye on school activities from their social media profiles.


culver city sd screenshot

3. Culver City Unified School District

District Background

Found in the famed ‘westside’ of Los Angeles, the Culver City Unified School District is on a mission to ensure that their students possess the necessary academic and personal skills to reach their highest potential. The schools in this district deliver challenging yet personalized educational experiences in a safe, nurturing environment.

District Site

The Culver City Unified School District’s website is all about Culver pride. The slideshow in the top banner shows the school spirit of the students, teachers, and parents. The website sports a simple template that allows you to quickly scroll through the options in the navigation bar. The bottom of the home page recounts several facts about the schools’ achievements. The social hub invites site visitors to interact with the district through its official YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram account.


phllips screenshot

4. Phillips Unified School District

District Background

The Phillips Unified School District school board is fully focused on providing excellent education. They prepare their students by teaching them the knowledge, skills, and ethics that are necessary to become a responsible citizen. The enriched school experience in this school district readies the students for a productive work environment, improving their chances of success in the future.

District Website

The Phillips Unified School District website stands out with its bold colors and direct, intuitive navigation. The home page features the usual banner where the site’s name and navigation bar are located. This well-maintained website contains a wealth of information: from its upcoming events down to a preview of the students’ monthly menu. In addition, it also prominently features a staff directory where the students can reach their teachers. The site also provides PowerSchool parent access, eFunds online payments options, and other ways of engaging parents and gathering practical support for the school.


st john baptist sd sreenshot

5. St. John the Baptist Parish Public Schools

District Background

St. John the Baptist Parish Public School District is the parish’s largest employer. It provides more than 900 jobs and educates approximately 6,000 students throughout 11 campuses. For the first time, the district attained a B letter grade from the Louisiana Department of Education in 2015. Since then, the district has continued to uphold that status, but everyone in the community is united towards getting an A and entering the list of top 10 school districts in 5 years’ time.

District Website

Scrolling through the St. John the Baptist Parish Public Schools website is a breeze. The website presents the schools’ details, events, and openings in big, bold letters, attracting the attention of the site visitors. The site is connected to the district’s Twitter feed to keep students and parents updated of the latest events and projects. What’s more, the website provides a quick link to each school in the district.


What do these school district websites have in common? They are unique, accessible to everyone, and easy to navigate. The design for each presents a balance of form and function and effectively caters to the specific needs of the students, parents, and teachers in their respective districts. Contact Edlio to learn how your school district website can be top notch!